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Welcome to FloLady_Ochie's NFT collections on ETH and Tezos. There is more story behind the image, there's more darkness behind the light, and there's more twisted tweak behind an happy end...

Hiding behind flowers, finding a drop of life in papers

Every drawing tells a story.

Women of The World 2022 Exhibition - STRATOSPHERE 2022


Welcome to my Foundation collection, introducing my drawings, original characters, called The Heiress.

Each of heiress holds different power from their flower. Original Characters. Pencil drawings and digital, 2022. I do hand-drawing & coloring on papers as well as photo manipulation & digital work. I love making original characters. I have drawn more than 500 original characters for years. Every character will have personalities, stories & backgrounds. I usually do pencil sketches on paper followed with coloring using colored pencils. I scanned the work and do some enhancing on Photoshop and sometimes AI.

My collection talks about empowering women using my colored pencils hand-drawing colorful original characters. I like adding nature elements such flowers and animals on my drawings with some twists. Culture & feminism are also part of my inspirations. I love colors, including black and white, and I will play with all colors depending on the artworks I'm making. I also write poems & I usually insert them in my art description. I was on Stratosphere 2022 & Women of the World NYC 2022 exhibition. Thank you very much for your time and attention!

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The White Blossoms: Red Blossom

Opensea Collections

The Dark Blossoms

"elsewhere to be found and has been trapped all ages tries to clamber the sister’s nerves and bones. a clamor to be revealed as bleeding is a captivation with no time to get away. this forgotten animosity she’s here already. the never-born sister prepares for all the ceremony. denies the murder and prosecutes a deliverance… within these darkest blossoms."

The Dark Blossoms
follows a story of twinsisters in a form of short poetry. The background of this collection was inspired by what we’ve experienced in the past: my twinsister & I were separated since we were babies as she was adopted.

During those times, we wrote stories together. As we lived in different islands, we would send our stories by mail, later email, or created them together when we had the chance to meet. We would create stories, build & draw characters until we realized we have hundreds of them.

It took us more than 2 decades until we could really be together. There were countless frustrations, efforts, prayers, & tears. The Dark Blossom depicts the episode of this moment. I portrayed her as the moon, as she was so faraway yet so close & far from my reach.

We break the story down into 5 editions, The Blooming Animosity, The Blooming Moon, The Solitary Bloom, The Crooked Bloom & The Ascended Bloom.

The Blooming Animosity, (collected by the great artist, Seeking_Sonja, we are truly honored!) was an introduction to the series.

In the 2nd edition, The Solitary Bloom, the twinsister told her sister that she has become the moon. Realizing that her sister would feel devastated to be left alone, she assured her that she would do anything in her power to bring her sister to her.

In the third edition, The Blooming Moon (collected by the amazing matrixdesign3r, we are so honored!), the sister sought solace in a solitary life. But her twinsister made a promise to her, that she would make her taller and give her a pair of wings so she could fly & reach the moon.

The fourth one, The Crooked Bloom, actually reveals 1 of 2 endings of the story. The twinsister chanted a wrong spell that ended up cursing her sister. Thus, she became crooked & couldn't fly to the moon. Every night, she would wonder alone in the void looking for her twinsister.

Finally, the last ending of the story, The Ascended Bloom, a happy ending one, where the sister's wings stretched as she flew and the flowers pulled her up as she ascended to the moon, and at last, she was finally able to reunite with her twinsister, the Moon herself.

That's the whole journey of The Dark Bloomings. We hope you enjoy the trip with us. Which one is your favorite ending? Last but not least, we hope in some way you feel related to the story or feel inspired. Thank you so much for reading this thread, for all the support & love.This collection is a collaboration of FloLady, Blackenthered, Ocha.

The Dark Blossoms

The Dark Blossoms

The White Blossoms

"bury me beneath
the eternal beauty of
flowers communion"

The promising life after the dark, why sister, everything is so bright, but the black lingers, my dear, you're nothing but a sinner half dead, half awake.

The Red Blossom is the first edition of The White Blossoms collection. The art speaks about waiting for death. This is the cycle of life. Being born and then we will part. The best thing we can do while waiting is to create as much beautiful moments and memories as we can

A collaboration of FloLady, Blackenthered & Ocha

The Dark Blossoms

The Dark Blossoms


OBJKT Collection

A collection of flowery art empowering photos and hand-illustrated flowers. Team: FloLady, Blackenthered, Ocha.

Her Forsaken Doll
OBJKT Collection

she was wanted she was adopted they were bonded when childhood departed adulthood started she became unwanted disregarded she was left broken-hearted This is a team project consists of FloLady, Blackenthered, Ocha.

The Sweet Lil Devil
OBJKT Collection

The Sweet Lil Devil Wants to play with you Would you take her back can she be your number two A collaboration of FloLady, Blackenthered, Ocha



Hello! I'm FloLady

I live in Bali, Indonesia. I've been doing art together with my twinsister, Blackenthered since we were little. And following my passion of art, I've joined the NFT world since May 2022.

I love drawings and I love flowers! Yes, I'm an anthomania, who wears flowery dress (or white dress) only! In fact, flowers have been one of the biggest inspirations in my art.

The world of light and darkness have enchanted me, and it reflects a lot in my artworks. The balance of sadness and happiness, black and white, colorful and dark, all these are mostly incorporated in my art. Every drawing has a story, and sometimes the story is more than just "a story". Some are very personal as they portray my fears, traumas, and insecurities.

I also love reading literature and writing poems. I've published a poetry book in 2013 at the Ubud Writers & Readers Festival, titled A Tale of Crestfallen.

When I lived in Jakarta, I've worked in advertising agencies before as a copywriter and I've taught in Bina Nusantara University for 2 years. I moved to Bali in 2009 and worked as a Volunteer Coordinator at Ubud Writers & Readers Festival and Ubud Food Festival for several years. In 2011, I co-found an Indonesian language school in Bali called Cinta Bahasa, have won the AIA awards in tourism, and I also co-created a small online shop called Mademoiselle of Lace on Instagram with my twinsister.

I'm married to a blockchain OG from BC, Canada lol! We have two cute cats.


Yola Blackenthered

Yola Blackenthered - Twitter @BlackentheRed

Or known as Black Grim, is a freelance illustrator, a wife and a mom, who started NFT in March 2022 on Opensea and OBJKT. She is known for her original character, Silentia which has a cute twisted dark side. With her college best friend, Ghost Odilia, she co-created Suddenly in 2008. Always dressed in black from top to toe, Grim is also the co-founder of another sister brand called Ssochi. And with her twinsister FloLady, co-created Mademoiselle of Lace.

She is married to the co-founder of Ssochi and a mom of a 12 years old girl. Until now, she has exhibited her illustrations in some Indonesian exhibitions such as The Foundry’s Art Illustration Exhibition, Kopi Keliling’s ACT Exhibition, ArtMedium’s Back to Basic Exhibition, The Black Ceremony Exhibition, and Influence Festivals in Greece. Her personal work can be seen on her instagram @blackenthered.

Odilia Fenny - NFT Artist/Graphic Designer
Twitter @othiliae_nft

Odilia Fenny is a graphic designer and a dark visual artist. Known for her dark, smokey, and twisted digital collage arts. She has been an NFT artist since early 2022. Her works can be seen on OBJKT. She loves her cats so much!

She graduated with Graphic Design Major Bina Nusantara University in Jakarta and then started to work as a graphic designer. She has worked in an Australian fashion brand and now working as a Manager in Education Consultant, and also works as a freelance graphic designer and digital artist.

Her other hobbies include watching and collecting horror movies, so she has a major influence on many horror stories. She has an obsession with black and white stripes, black coffee, and also smokes. Almost all of her artworks are her own ‘smokie-style’ which included the image of smokes.

Until now, she has exhibited her digital dark arts in some exhibitions such as Kopi Keliling ACT Exhibition, ArtMedium’s Back to Basic Exhibition, The Black Ceremony Exhibition, Influence Festival in Greece, and her first metaverse exhibition HERETIQUE 121.


Ocha is a passionate photographer who works with Canon 7D with her fave lenses: 35mm f/1. 4, 50mm f/1.4, 70-200mm f/2.8  She now works at mobile game developer as Assistant Marketing Manager in Jakarta. Photography is her hobby since more than 10 years ago. She loves to shoot model as her object and her fave models are her twinssisters FloLady and Blackenthered. She claims that they are lovely models and great sisters she'd ever have!


A Tale of Crestfallen: Hide and Seek

A Tale of Crestfallen by FloLady Ochie

This is neither a poetry book nor a beautiful collection of rhymes.
This is not a heavy story about life, so stop analyzing.
You also will not find any wise sayings about life in this book.
It is simply a story-book. A story about a girl named Crestfallen, a collection of stories about her life journey; stories you might find close to your life, stories that you might have experienced.
This book is not recommended for super people, this book is for ordinary people.

To recognize your sadness and pain, will help you in finding your happiness.

This book was self-published and was launched at the Ubud Writers & Readers Festival 2013, Bali.

Poems by FloLady_Ochie
Illustrations by Blackenthered

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